Metal As Fukk Pickup Lines

If she’s classy, you can’t just whip it out.


“Hey, does this drink taste like Rohyphenol to you?”

“You look like you work out. How good are you with a shovel?”

“You have a beautiful smile. Is it on file with the state, or…?”

“Did you grow up in Tennessee?”
(Ha, why? Because I’m the only ten you see?)
“No, ’cause you look like you just left a burning cross on someone’s lawn.”

“I looked up the word GORGEOUS in the dictionary earlier – and then I witnessed a triple homicide. Hi, I’m Tim.”

“Can I borrow a quarter? I need to ply a stubborn toenail off a dead str … uh, call my niece. It’s her birthday.”

“If I had $5 for every time I saw someone as beautiful as you, I wound’t have had to just suck off that hobo for a foot-long sub.”

“Are those space pants? No? Oh, my mistake. They look like space pants. Welp, see you out there.”

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