Metal As Fukk Songs That Promise To “See You In Hell”

Just in case you’re putting together a playlist for your eternal damnation…

Grim Reaper, “See You In Hell”

“You can take it any time that you need
Next thing I’ll borrow, all you’ve got to do is bleed!
See you in hell my friend!”

MessengeR, “See You In Hell”

“Ride through the battlefield,
It’s no good to hide, I will find you
Catching your soul and casting my spell!
See you in Hell!!”

Yngwie Malmsteen, “See You In Hell (Don’t Be Late)”

“Sad how we waste our energy
When all our days are few
We’re two of a kind me and you
I guess that I’ll see you in hell!”

Monster Magnet, “See You In Hell”

“A creature’s waitin’ for a battle in the ancient swamp
Your pissing on the pyramids, Ain’t gonna move things along
I guess I’ll see you in hell!”

Aiden, “See You In Hell”

“To darkness. To suffer.
When I fall, you won’t be there when I call
I will see you in hell!”

Lil Wayne (ft. Gudda Gudda & Channel), “Sacrifice”

“We take your body for a motherfuckin’ sacrifice
See you in hell, bitch, meet me in the afterlife
Minivan, duct tape, knife in my hand
Nigga, knife to ya head, you my sacrificial lamb.”

Rage, “I’ll See You In Heaven Or Hell”

“I’ll see you in heaven one day
Or I’ll see you in hell
Yeah, we’ll be where we think we will stay
I’ll see you in heaven or hell!”

Queens Of The Stone Age, “You Can’t Quit Me Baby”

“I want you to notice when I’m not around
Wherever you are
You’re solid gold
I’ll see you in hell!”

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