Metal As Fukk Interview: Bevin Prince

Bevin Prince is an actress from Cary, North Carolina who has appeared on One Tree Hill, House MD and Desperate Housewives. She may known for playing sassy blondes and cheerleaders on TV, but she has her masters from Savannah College of Art & Design and her PHD from The School Of Hard Knoxxx. And class is in fukkin session…

Metal As Fukk: What was your most Metal As Fukk Moment on set At One Tree Hill?

Bevin Prince: Maybe hanging out with Rick Fox. He is Metal.

MAFkk: Agreed. But not as metal as hanging out with the Ghost of his former teammate Reggie Lewis (RIP 35). You were in a movie about a Halloween Haunted House that turned out to be an actual haunted house. Which is more metal-  a hot dog made of actual dog or a piggy bank made of actual pig?

BP: A hand back scratcher made out of actual human hand. (Drops Mic)

MAFkk: You were on a TV Show about absurdly beautiful people living in a small town- What fast food chain has the sexiest employees?

BP: Don’t know about the employees, but the biscuits at Bojangles… Sexy.

MAFkk: We don’t know what that is but we want to go there. With you. On our first date. MARRY/FUKK/KILL- your choice of Shakespearean Villains- GO:

BP: MARRY: Lady Macbeth- She gets things done. I’d like her on my team for life. FUKK: Iago- Unapologetically twisted. Yes please.  KILL: Edmund- A little too late, buddy.

MAFkk: Extra point for The King Lear joke, B- wicked current. Edmund was a total d-bag. When u see your name written as “Prince, Bevin” do u pick up a weapon and slay something?

BP: Nah, I curtsy.

MAFkk: How appropriately southern. What’s the most Metal As Fukk Red State?

BP: Texas.

MAFkk:  What’s the Most Metal as Fukk Appetizer?

BP: Bourbon.

MAFkk: And Entree! What’s your favorite video on the internet?


MAFkk: We went to Everest to learn how to slang dem trees too! So, if you had to choose-  Obama or Tupac?

BP: Tupac. Remember ladies, Tupac cares if don’t nobody else care.

MAFkk: Ha! Keep that vest for protection, from the barrel of a Smith and Wesson…  Aaight, set the muggles straight- Dick Van Dyke?

BP: Metal As Fukk.

MAFkk: “Coincidental” Spikes In Random Bear Attacks?

BP: Metal As Fukk.  More metal is the conspiracy theory to which you allude. And yes, I said “more metal”.

MAFkk: Fitness?

BP: Not Metal As Fukk. We all care, admit it.

MAFkk: Bulimia?

BP: Pretty Metal. Clearly destructive.

MAFkk: Being Edward Snowden?

BP: Metal As Fukk.

MAFkk: Being Snowed-In By The Fire, Sipping Hot Cocoa With Edward The Vampire?

BP: Being snowed in with a handsome and gentle vampire? Not Metal. Being snowed in with Ann Coulter? Metal As Fukk.

MAFkk: The South?

BP: The Deep South, the backwoods- Metal as Fukk.

MAFkk: The North?

BP: Winter is Metal. Too Metal for me.

MAFkk: Lo Mein?

BP: Not Metal As Fukk.

MAFkk: White Guys who say “Yo Mang”?

BP: NOT. And to all men that say “Yo Mang”, do not talk to me. Ever.

MAFkk: Tug Boats?

BP:  They move things that should not move by themselves or can’t! Metal as Fukk!

MAFkk: Thug Boats (boats that transport criminals to prison)?

BP: METAL. If I have learned anything from Netflix it’s that I am not built for prison or any contained space that holds criminals. Even hot lesbian prison.

MAFkk: Tivo?

BP: Not Metal As Fukk.

MAFkk: Devo?

BP: Metal. Bold.

MAFkk: Rhyming?

BP: Metal As Fukk, especially in everyday conversation.

MAFkk: General Tso?

BP: Metal As Fukk. Is it even meat?

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