Metal As Fukk Bear Attacks

Bears are hungry and they don’t give a fukk…

That time a hippie jumped into the bear habitat and became a draggable snack. (Watch for his hand flying off around 0:26.)

That time Big Papa railed a LadyBear then ate her son.

That time Pat got mauled ‘cuz she wore too much perfume on Polish Conan.

That time a polar bear mauled a hooker when she tried to steal a sip of his Christmas Coke.

That time Yogi murdered Bullwinkle and opened his ribcage like a pic-a-nic basket.

That time Snowball bit off a baby dick.

That time Brutus got fed up with being touched by this creepy fukk all day.

That time Pooh had to defend his seat at the walrus buffet.

That time Binky thought your drumstick looked de-lish.

That time a big hairy Russian in a banana hammock pile-drove a flaming Indian.

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