PJ McQuade is a Brooklyn illustrator who might just be the Andy Warhol of Geek Culture. He has made a name for himself with his insanely nerdy sci-fi mash-ups; from images of Don Draper starring in Game Of Thrones to a set of Star Wars holiday cards to a magazine cover of the Cast of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia  partying at the manger on Baby’s First Christmas. His work can be seen in Penthouse Magazine, L.A. Weekly and Royal Flush. This week, we catch up with the man behind the smirks and colored pencils…

Metal As Fukk: So, who are the biggest influences on your work?

P.J. McQuade: Ray Harryhausen, Rankin/Bass, Hanna-Barbera, Hayoa Miyazaki….

MAFkk: Wow, most of those guys are WAY over our head. But Captain Caveman and Judy Jetson are definitely fukkin metal. Who is the most Metal as Fukk Character you’ve ever created?

PJM: Skylark the Rectifier.


MAFkk: What’s his deal?

PJM: He lives in a fortress beyond the Crusted Mountains, inside an epic crater surrounded by the Puddles of Pain.

MAFkk: That’s some metal real estate. What does your playlist look like when you are working?

PJM: Lately- The Silmarillion podcast with Professor Tolkien, WFAN, the Oblivion soundtrack, David Lynch’s new album…

MAFkk: The feel-good hits of the summer! You contributed to the controversial Occupy Wall Street-esque set of playing cards entitled “52 Shades Of Greed.” Who’s more Metal As Fukk- Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein or Mr. Burns?

PJM: Monty Burns. Because fukk Lloyd Blankfein.

MAFkk: Quick- MARRY/FUKK/KILL- All X-MEN Past & Present… GO:

PJM: Marry Psylocke, Fukk Storm (80s mohawk-style), Kill Iceman.

MAFkk: What is the most Metal As Fukk Crayon?

PJM: Black.

MAFkk: Only one shade of tha fukkin Truth. What is the most Metal as Fukk Children’s Book?

PJM: Gotta be “Where the Wild Things Are” or “Green Eggs and Ham”.

MAFkk: Sorry, both are valiant contenders, but the correct answer was “Pierre: A Cautionary Tale” where a smug lil French dandy tells the whole world to fukk off, only to be eaten by a reluctant lion. Which Indiana Jones is the most Metal As Fukk?


MAFkk: Of course. What’s your most Metal As Fukk mash-up


PJM: That would be either Darth Heisenberg (Darth Vader & Walter White from Breaking Bad)

by PJ McQuade

or Quint (from Jaws) & Wolverine. Sideburns rule. by PJ McQuade

MAFkk: Especially un-ironic sideburns. If you were to front a Hair Metal band, which would you front?

PJM: Cinderella.

MAFkk: Truly under-appreciated prophets- ’cause you DON’T know what you’ve got til its gone. Enlighten the Jawas: Wild Fires?

PJM: Not Metal As Fukk.

MAFkk: The US Treasury?

PJM: Not Metal As Fukk.

MAFkk: Labyrinths?

PJM: Metal As Fukk.

MAFkk: Dark Crystals?

PJM: Metal As Fukk.

MAFkk: Crystal Meth?

PJM: Not Metal As Fukk.

MAFkk: Computer-Generated Imagery?

PJM: Depends on how you use it.

MAFkk: Computer-Generated Humanity?

PJM: Not Metal As Fukk.

MAFkk: A-Rod?

PJM: Not Metal As Fukk.

MAFkk: A Lightning Rod?

PJM: Definitely Metal As Fukk.

MAFkk: Emoticons?

PJM: Metal As Fukk. Especially  😉

MAFkk: Decepticons?

PJM: Surprisingly,  Not Metal As Fukk. They always lose.

MAFkk: Bespin?

PJM: Not Metal As Fukk. Cloud City is for Lovers.

MAFkk: Tatooine?

PJM: Metal As Fukk.

MAFkk: Muskets?

PJM: All old school weaponary is Metal as Fukk.

MAFkk: A War Fought Entirely With T-shirt Cannons?

PJM: I refuse to answer that question.  How dare you!

MAFkk: General Tso – Metal As Fukk or Not MAFkk?

PJM: C’mon, Tso IS metal.


Check out/purchase more of PJ McQuades’s work at

PJ McQuade 11111

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