Metal As Fukk Foreign Film of the Week: Carne de Neon

Carne de Neon (Neon Flesh)

Directed By Paco Cabezas (2010)

Ricky, a charming hood rat (played by Mario Casas) wants to surprise his mother (Angelina Morena) when she gets out of jail by building her a high-end brothel where she can practice her whorin’ with ease. He quickly builds an empire/family with a sweet junkie, a C-List Pimp, his dim thug, and a trannie who insists she’s of royal descent. Together, they recruit an army of down-on-their-luck hookers with potential and start a glammy franchise they dub “Hiroshima”.

As he gets closer to finishing his gift, Ricky realizes his mother is suffering from dementia so badly, she doesn’t even know who he is, let alone what he’s doing for her. On top of that, local mob kingpin El Chino (Dario Grandinetti) doesn’t like the competition in the sex trade and demands a ridiculous fee for “protection,” threatening Ricky’s life.

Ricky doesn’t have that kind of  bankroll, so he and his crew try to get the cheddar by kidnapping the obscenely hot daughter of a shady detective and holding her for ransom. Shit goes awry and everything gets really, really, really fukkin’ bloody.

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