Metal As Fukk Places To Wait Out The Polar Vortex

The North Pole is so fukkin’ metal, it vacations in the Midwest. Here are a few places to kick back and enjoy God’s wrath after years of pretending global warming is a hippie myth:

Hell, Michigan20140107-120815.jpg

Jesus, Bolivia20140107-120931.jpg

Thunder Bay, Ontario20140107-121113.jpg

Dickshooter, Idaho20140107-121812.jpg

Devil’s Hole, Australia 20140107-122205.jpg

Swords, Georgia20140107-144530.jpg

Dragon, Missouri 20140107-133258.jpg

Bloody Corners, Ohio20140107-122009.jpg

Fucking, Austria 20140107-133741.jpg

Satan, India20140107-145650.jpg

Skullbone, Tennessee20140107-145606.jpg

Slaughter Beach, Delaware 20140107-145519.jpg

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