When the weather outside is frightful, there’s no treat more fukkin’ delightful than Tha Queen’s gravity-defying cupful of frozen heaven… now available in the following flavors…

2015/01/img_5116.jpgClown Soul

2015/01/img_5134.jpgSuicidal SnowMan

2015/01/img_5119.jpgLizard Pieces

2015/01/img_5114.jpgSkull Fragments & Old Teeth

2015/01/img_5124.jpgGay Dragon Turds

2015/01/img_5122.jpgBlood Sausage & Baby’s Breath

2015/01/img_5128.jpgEskimocha Crunch

2015/01/img_5126.jpgChocolate-Covered Communion & Mustard

2015/01/img_5103.jpgTeenage Breast Milk & Cookies

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